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However, the journalistic context proved so beneficial, even though I was freshly in UX research at this point. This was the first end-to-end user search I ever did. I would like to address two main things that I learned the most from journalism to UX research. In the app itself, there`s an „Explore“ feature that lets you view random user photos or search for usernames or names. First, after discussions with our stakeholders and competition analysis, we identified Instagram as a vsCO competitor. But during the search, we found users using VSCO and Instagram for various purposes. Instagram is more like a supplement than a competitor to VSCO I used it decided for 5 minutes, it looks crappy and kept moving… People should compare vsco with Adobe filters and see if vsco copied eadobe I have no sympathy for both companies. Both are correlated to users in Adobe style subscriptions, so I hope they continued each other in bankruptcy. Go to the Apple App Store and sort all the reviews of a star. In any case, Apple should indicate „subscription“ if this is the case, not „in-app purchases.“ 1. You have broken the contract for user accounts. We didn`t say „user-centered“ when we pitched story ideas in journalism, but in fact we focused on whether readers were interested in the story and why they would like to read.

When I see the transformation in the media industry, I would like to say that readers look more like users. They don`t read stories, they consume them. We analyzed and compared the Instagram and VSCO accounts of the same user and tried to understand the logic behind their interpretation of the same photo on different platforms. The first user cut out the photo differently. The second, added other labels on Instagram, which easily triggered more attention and interaction. The most difficult role for me is to find a research topic. There was no specific requirement from our stakeholders when we first received this project. We did a lot of individual research and several group discussions to come up with a research plan. Affinity chart is very useful for brainstorming. Another method I found useful in finding pain points was to make a „self-user“ – imAg that you are a new user, that you feel good and bad about the product? The flight code is not the only way to achieve an almost identical appearance.

Suppose a user enters multiple test images (uniformly white and evenly each primary color, which I would first examine by trying to determine the filtering effects) and measure the output.

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