What Iss Agreement

The IGA is the condition for a second level of agreements between the partners called Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and four of which exist between NASA and each of the other four partners. There is no MOUs between ESA, Roskosmos, CSA and JAXA, since NASA is the designated manager of the ISS. MOUs are used to more accurately describe the roles and responsibilities of partners. This extension of national jurisdiction will determine the laws applicable to activities that take place on elements of a partner`s space station (for example. B European law in the European laboratory in Columbus). This legal order recognizes the jurisdiction of partner states and allows the application of national laws in areas such as criminal cases, liability issues and the protection of intellectual property rights. Conflicts of jurisdiction between partners can be resolved through the application of other rules and procedures already developed at national and international level. The International Space Station program is bound by a complex series of legal, political and financial agreements between the 16 nations involved in the project, which ensure ownership of the various components, occupancy and occupancy rights, and the rotation and supply responsibilities of the International Space Station. It was designed in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan during the Space Station Freedom project, as it was originally called.

[2] These agreements link the five space agencies and their respective international Space Station programs and regulate how they interact on a daily basis to maintain the operation of stations, from spacecraft circulation control to the use of space and occupation, to the use of space and occupation. In March 2010, the International Space Station program received the Aviation Week Laureate Award in the Space category[3] and the ISS program was awarded the 2009 Collier Trophy. The legal framework for the International Space Station is established at three levels of international cooperation agreements. There is no fixed percentage of ownership for the entire space station.

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